What is CABmoney?

CABmoney is a debt advice information guide and resource developed and maintained by North East Derbyshire Citizens Advice Bureau (NEDCAB).

The content was developed by utilising the many years of experience and knowledge of our debt team, other bureau advisers and external advice specialists.  The coding of the website was all written in-house by the bureau I.T co-ordinator.

CABmoney incorporates a unique online assisted self-help Debt Management Plan (DMP) that automatically generates letters / financial statements, does calculations and is all saved securely online. You can access and update your personal Debt Management Plan whenever you want and you are in control.

Based on an established, award winning system

North East Derbyshire CAB launched the "mymoney" debt resource in January 2012 and were awarded the IMA Money Advice Performance Award for Best New Initiative shortly afterwards.  The site has evolved since (including input from CAB Specialist Support), and "mymoney" has become "CABmoney" as we have made it available to all CABx in England and Wales.

As more bureaux use CABmoney, it will continue improving through their feedback and we always look forward to hearing about innovative uses of the system. It has already been used to secure funding to launch new projects, giving more people free access across their community.

Any bureaux interested in having their own CABmoney site can contact NEDCAB for more information.

CABmoney Bureaux

CABmoney is now available in all the bureaux listed below, but if you live outside these areas, then you can use any of the CABmoney sites as they all operate in exactly the same way.

All CABmoney sites are free for anyone to use however it is important to remember that user log-in details can only be used on one site and will not work across other CABmoney bureau sites.